Solar Imaging Equipment
These are some modifications that I did to my Coronado SolarMax 60mm Ha solar scope. I had an older Optec TCF-S digital focuser that I wanted to replace the existing helical focuser with. I also wanted to be able to control the imaging remotely from within my current observatory where I do my deep sky imaging. It is climate controlled and dark so I can image in comfort and with a great view of the monitoring systems. You can see my deep sky images here.


The existing Coronado helical focuser is not very good for imaging. You also have to be at the telescope to make focus adjustments. I have removed (unscrewed) the existing focuser from the back of the telescope and replaced it with a special adaptor made by PreciseParts. This adaptor is very thin and takes up very little back focus.


The TCF-S digital focuser is then attached to the PreciseParts adaptor and the Coronado blocking diagonal is inserted. The very fine step rate of the focuser hand paddle makes for easy focus adjustments without touching the telescope. And, with my serial port extension, I can control the focuser at 25 feet away from the telescope. The TCF-S - hand paddle combo works beautifully.


With extension cabling for the focuser, mount control, and ImagingSource camera, I can operate the complete imaging system from within my observatory or my home office. The only thing I do not have remote control over is the etalon tuning. These modifications have made solar imaging much more comfortable and enjoyable.


Since I help out with our local community observatory solar group, I wanted an easy way to focus for visual use. The Feather Touch focuser is currently the best visual focuser on the market. Starizona provides a complete replacement adaptor - Feather Touch combo for the SolarMax 60 and Scott was very helpful. I had my visual system within a couple of weeks. It works very smoothly and is a joy to use at public solar events.