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IC1795 NGC896   © Ken Crawford      Rancho Del Sol Observatory  MPC G67
Image Exposure Details
Filter Exposures
Clear/ Lum 0 minutes
Red 120 minutes
Green 120 minutes
Blue 120 minutes
Ha 5nm 330 minutes
OIII 3nm 330 minutes
SII 5nm 330 minutes

IC1795 and NGC896 are both star forming regions located in the constellation Cassiopeia. The UV from nearby energetic stars make the gases glow in this six filter image. This nebula is part of a much larger region called the Heart nebula complex. Be sure to use the full screen button above to see the complete image.
RCOS 20" carbon truss - 100mm FFC
Paramount ME
Apogee Alta u9000
SBIG ST402 Guider
Astrodon MegaMoag
Astrodon 50mm Sq Filters
MaxDL 5
CCDAutopilot 4
Photoshop CS5
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This deep image was created with the light energy from six different filters.

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