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Bubble Nebula NGC7635   © Ken Crawford      Rancho Del Sol Observatory  MPC G67
Image Exposure Details
Filter Exposures
Clear/ Lum 0 minutes
Red 100 minutes
Green 100 minutes
Blue 120 minutes
Ha 5nm 480 minutes
OIII 3nm 450 minutes
SII 5nm 270 minutes

The Bubble Nebula also known as NGC7635 is a 6 light-year diameter bubble of gas formed from the energetic radiation of the central star BD+602522. This image was created with the combined light through six different filters.
RCOS 20" carbon truss - 100mm FFC
Paramount ME
Apogee Alta u9000
SBIG ST402 Guider
Astrodon MegaMoag
Astrodon 50mm Sq Filters
MaxDL 5
CCDAutopilot 4
Photoshop CS5
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