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M82 - NGC3034   © Ken Crawford      Rancho Del Sol Observatory  MPC G67
Image Exposure Details
Filter Exposures
Clear/ Lum 420 minutes
Red 120 minutes
Green 120 minutes
Blue 120 minutes
Ha 5nm 2160 minutes
Red Cont. 240 minutes
SII 5nm 0 minutes

M82 is also known as the Cigar Galaxy and is about 12 million light-years from us. It is also a star burst galaxy with a very active core with plumes of red hydrogen blasting out into space. New star formation is happening at a tremendous rate making it one of the most interesting galaxies we know of. This image is an APOD.
RCOS 20" carbon truss - 100mm FFC
Paramount ME
Apogee Alta u16m
SBIG ST402 Guider
Astrodon MegaMoag
Astrodon 50mm Sq Filters
MaxDL 5
CCDAutopilot 4
Photoshop CS6
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The red plumes were enhanced from hydrogen data with Red Continuum subtracted from it to increase the contrast.

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