Redshift 6 Quasar (CFHQS J1641 +3755)

CFHQSJ164121 Quasar Raw Data by Ken Crawford

Redshift 6 Quasar (CFHQS J1641 +3755) by Johannes Schedler and Ken Crawford

Johannes expertly combined his 16" data with my 20" RCOS data of the Quasar for this final result "Time Tunnel"

12.7 billion light years

RCOS 20"Truss @F 8.30 / IFW Filter wheel / Paramount ME

Yankee Robotics Trifid II 6303E

AstroDon -CL RGB Filters

Clr =4.4 hours unbinned

CCDAutoPilot for unattended imaging With MaxDL

Processed with CCDStack